Revenge From The Darkness Letra


Infant Brutality

Letra de Revenge From The Darkness
So you thaught I'll forget?
Oh no, no my friend, still can remember that!
Each while I can replay!
No it's needless to pray!
No one will hear you, nothing can save you!

I'll find you in your mind.
Whole your thinking... I will bind!
In the darkness,
You'll get blind...
No salvation you can find!!!

I'm just comin, I'm so close now,
The lord of pain, the son of Evil.
I miss nothing but your sweet flesh...
I miss nothing but your blood!

[Ref. 2:]
Your death will be slow,
Wait for my poisoned claw!

Mill your bones, cut your finger,
No compassion for you, rat,
That's the justice for you creature,
You're the mouse now, I am cat!

[Ref. 3:]
Your head I will mow,
Like a snow you must thaw!

I'll find you in your mind...