Letra de Plague
Tousand's of people are dying in pain,
Asking for fast end in mercyful flame.
No one helps them untill they're gone
Untill thein flesh is burnt, milled is each bone.
Putrit stink can smell in the air,
No need for any jails, electric chair.
Forever! The soil will be spoiled,
We breath them, we drink them, we eat them in bread,
Now we can see, how taste the death.
We do need no mercy, wanna die,
As the humans, but not in cry.
Jesus left us, all alone, run away,
Out of this place, full of sorrow, full of fear, fucking fear!
Let me tell you, what is the plague?
It is the worst way how you can die,
All of you people it's high time to wake.
Let me tell you, what is the plague?
Why God allows, so much of sorrow,
So much of tears, so much of blood!?
I will tell you, how you will die,
What will be the last thing, that see your eye?
Don't forbid us finish our lifes! Let us go!
Don't forbid us use guns or knifes! Let us go!
Don't forbid us stop all the cries! Let us die!
Don't forbid us close our eyes! Let us die!
Let us die!!!