Letra de Judge Of Life
Don't believe in ressurrection, ressurrection of the soul,
Don't believe in fucking creation, we celebreated all"
We were so deep in lies, can't see in the eyes,
Mercy on his fall.
I hope only in his cryin', when he's falling,
Down of the sky...
Do you want to reach to heaven?
Do you think it's a better than hell?
We're told to believe in the only master,
But when I used to search him, I found only pure suffering"
We don't want to have thorny crowns on heads,
No more "spiritus sancti",
No more "in excelsis deo",
No more holy bullshits choir of a rats.
I hope only
When they promissed us light,
When had a darkness in their mind,
When they preached to drink a water, all of them were tasting wine.
After rise, came violent fall,
We opened the eyes and opened the door,
We let the fresh air in the mind,
We're no more def and no more blind"... So it be!
Follow the voice of your soul, when whispering: "Go"!
When you want to find the true, you mustn't crowl!
Say, don't to your enemy, say don't to your fear,
Refuse the religion, axcept what's clear,
Say to the people who can not see,
The God is dead new kingdom's near"
We found a new way, let's celebrate.
...unrotten soul"