Infant Brutality Letra


Infant Brutality

Letra de Infant Brutality
Is a bed dream or is it real?
Something's changed I'm stratin'to feel!
Th'Innocence of children's dead!
Oh, what beast dwells in the head?
Crystal tears are falling down
Of despered mothers to the lawn.
What a blames we all have done?
Dark is a moon, darker's sun.

Mother, shaw me better place to live!!!
Dolly, I have done a bad think, sorry, I didn't know that it could happen.
Mother is not crying, anymore, why is she so silent now?

[Dolly:] Bastard!!!

Tell me, if she can stroke me, again, when I despered and lonely.
When need her beautiful smile and voice, whispering: "Sleep, sleep my darling..."

Now it's to late for compassion!
Now it's to late feeling grief!

Who could forgive, sins of children.
Punish or let live? That's the question for us!

Pay... for what have you done!
When sun goes down, souls of victims can not sleep well, wanting vandage...
And for little murders dark night is so dangerous, many things could happen to you...
...little foot could slip in bathroom,
When forgotten face in a mirror suddenly appears to you,
Memories will always find you if you want or if you not!!!
You could have been mother's princess, but you bad girl, lost your chance,
From The Land Of Shadows the wind brought message,
It's your mummy who wants you back...
And for little murders...

"Our thoughts and actions testify our staggering. Murder or caress -
What makes the difference? Is just about the intensity of touch..."
No! Shut your mounth you daring Dolly, or I'll do it, warn you now!
Thought you hear me, it was a mistake.
Your blue eyes will peck the crow, you daring Dolly!
...Fall asleep as did my mother...