Letra de Heroes
Everything is goin' wrong, if you want to be alive,
You have to be strong and you don't have to cry.
They are heroes, when bullet zoom around,
They are heroes and everywhere is blood.
People are screaming, that we all are forming the world.
Dead is everywhere, turned cross, magic circle is closed.
I'm very awfully, sorry that I say...
You don't know what's reality, intuation show you the way.
They are heroes, they hate smell of blood.
They are heroes, kill of than people is their job.
...you don't have to cry!
...you want to be alive!
People are screaming...
Don't lose your hope! Dead is commin' and cut our head.
Cross step over the fuckin' corpse and go for your dream.
They are heroes, they like smell of blood,
They are heroes, memory changed their life.