Letra de Wrecked
I'm part of a problem thats out of my own fucking hands
I'm shipwrecked in a city that grows colder by the second
when this air I breathe is so undesirable
open my skin and paint me across these walls
I'm meat to the wolves
and I've never felt so fucking warm I'm burning up
tell me what did you expect?
in a matter of speaking, its a cold fucking world
and I can see me going nowhere
its a cold fucking world
and I can't feel anything
I can't feel
why should I love? when romance is fabricated
why should I trust? when friendship is unrequited
why should I give a fuck?
we're all numb sedated ghosts without a hope
born fucking dead, rid me from this mindless, heartless hell
and I can't feel anything, I can't feel FUCK