Sun Heights Letra



Letra de Sun Heights
Have you ever felt so desperate? have you ever felt so dense inside?
Everything turns grey and desolate, everything feels weathered and fragile
Everyone you thought you loved, took you for a ride in a city called 'fucked'
And smashed through your dreams, head first down a one way street, singing
'I don't know where things went wrong for me', amidst nightmares by the fucking
Sea, dancing at thirty three, wishing desperately for clarity
And this isn't how I pictured me, afraid to grow into the man I aspired to be
Everyday, this is why events unnerve me.

In the shadow of the greatest man, I feel naked, the lonely one, untouched by the rising sun
Desperation crashed down on me, endlessly I reach for nothing, amidst the waves of eternity.

I'm on my own against the world and I've never felt so fucking cold.