Letra de Spirals
I doubt theres a better place for anyone, we're vampires feeding on distrust,
Its time we grow the fuck up and learn to love,
I know I said, we're all so dead, but I'm not ready for death yet
So quick to point the finger, before looking inside
Yet all young lovers know why nightmares plague they're minds
We know true love, is just a curse, in a fucked up world, that's getting worse
But youths forgiving eyes, stare aimlessly, and carelessly we fuck all through the night, in the shadows of the city lights.
I'll never love again. I'll never love anything.

Not for one second can I imagine a retraction
How much longer can we take beauty for granted?
We've a lack of reason, an absence of passion
We're without clarity, in a world of empty vision and

I doubt there's a better place for anyone until we learn love