Letra de Love & Negotiation
Love & Negotiation (CDJ/Bobby Pinson) Jenny's got Jack tacked up on the freezer Jack's got Jenny in the back of his mind She'd do anything to see him He'll see her when he's got time…yeah He called her up last minute for dinner She put her friends on the burner in the back They tell her she don't know what she's in for She tells them they don't know Jack And she'll make it up to them So she stands them up again Love and negotiation Makes the world go round At the bottom of the situation When you break it down It's all about Love and negotiation I've kissed a few Jack's back in my day Turned a few princes into toads I traded in all my lonely For a six foot dead end road….yeah I got my knight in rusty armor He still gets his night out with the guys I try hard not to be his mother He knows I can put up a pretty good fight To get my way It's a give and take Repeat Chorus We plant our feet We draw the line The line moves from time to time We always try to keep our minds open Repeat Chorus