Letra de Head Over High Heels
I've fallen, yeah I've fallen before I thought I knew exactly what was in store When I met him, got more than I bargained for I'm not overstating, over exaggerating Horsing around or playing When I'm saying I've... Gone off the deepest end Not jumping, diving in He's a perfect 10 times 10 times 10 And I'm head over heels No, I'm head over high heels I'm dreaming in colors I've never seen My heart is bursting wide at the seams I've taken my smiling to the extremes All my friends are wondering They think I'm up to something I say Oh it's nothing I'm just in love and I've... (Repeat Chorus) I'm not happy I'm ecstatic I'm not a lunatic, just a finatic You might think I'm overdramatic Not me (Repeat Chorus Twice)