Letra de Work Song
Yeah, yeah, yeah

It's another early morning
Sun came up without a warning
Never doin' nothing 'til I'm showered and clean
Got my pager, got my cuffs
Some matching ties should be enough
I never leave the house without something to eat

An early riser by genetic
Take the staris 'cause I'm athletic
Always at the office before anyone else
I take my faxes to be copied
Grab a donut, grab some coffee
Picture my diploma sitting on my shelf

And the monotony is killing me
And I try to deny this corporate lobotomy

I need a suit of armor for a meeting
Know I'm going to take a beating
Understaffed and my departments in a crunch
Budget has become a hassle
Boss is ripping me new asshole
Says he wants an answer on his desk before lunch

Afternoon things don't look better
Phone machine is breaking records
500 messages from who knows where
Stayin' late 'cause I'm a beginner
Call my girlfriend, cancel dinner
Says she thinks I'm having an office affair

Yeah, yeah

The end of day, there's no solution
There's the traffic and pollution
Put a smile on my face, I didn't get fired
Back at home to clear my head
Grab a drink, fall into bed
40 more years until I get to retire

'Cause the monotony is killing me
And I try to deny the corporate lobotomy