Letra de So Uncool
I'm so uncool that my fingers almost burn
they've been known to strip the skin like the sun
come and touch me, brave heart, with your velvet skin
you're playing games with me you'll never win
you spill tempting lies, silver, like fishes on the sand
and tell me that heaven lies in the smallest touch of your hand
and I'm almost believing you

you're playing games with me and you will lose
you drape mystery lightly, like gauze around your head
and capture the midday sun in your eyes
the sweetness in your face, it lies so easily
if I believed in you, I'd lose me
I'll eat you alive, oh, and you can hardly wait
but I know that your fate holds you
with a surer touch than I ever could, or ever wanted to
believe me we're on our own
and it's just you