Letra de Coagula
[Part 3: Phoenicopervs]

...And vapor carried by the wind
Watched the secret forms of earth.

...And vapor felt desire
And like rain he went deep in her soil.

Conviction and will
Like red burning wings.

Friction, erosion
Turn the ancient stones to magma and lava
Where fire witnessed the birth
Of the bird who's nest was its grave.

[Chorus 2:]
Conviction and will
Like red burning wings
Defying the sun
With self light and warmth

Contemplating the kingdoms alone on the mountain top,
Pondering in solitude, away from masters and slaves.

[Part 4: Coagvlación]

When you feel no more pain
Watch your scars and remember
The sacred dogs dismembered you, and you reassemble yourself.

By yourself.