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Letra de What Doesn't Kill You?
"What Doesn't Kill You" just another way to justify i don't understand how we reach our conclusions just another way to justify that's not the way to make it we sat and talked all day not just thoughts but ways i couldn't find a single word you had to say like minds so hard to come by you broke away (even though it was) easier to stay but you knew, you know it weren't about a gun in your face now fewer in numbers but united by something real true strength of mind divided you from the just out for themselves cos you broke away but you knew, you know it aint about this time or this place and self importance had almost destroyed what you had achieved i know it was hard but you just had to break free does it always have to be that greed builds our dreams and seems to be the drive behind so many human beings it's so sad that we've had so much potential, many chances so much good we've turned to bad well walk away live your own way but that's not that much good to those who really have no choice but to stay is it so different? illusion or something real? is this really how you feel? i'm sick and tired of the wasted time and the twisted minds who wanna strip us of a decent chance cos they pollute with their desire for loot and their drug disputes spouting fucking lame demands well they ain't gonna waste my time don't wanna adopt that state of mind cos what are they thinking of? it ain't "staying true" it's all about what they gain and their rude boy attitudes well that ain't what we're thinking of we're "staying true" and you ain't gonna bring us down and we ain't gonna stand by you