See You In Heaven Letra


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Letra de See You In Heaven
tears are falling downon the faceyou´ve looked for yearsthe big black cloudmoving in the skyis scaring mei´m afraidthat i´ll never see you againdown on this earthi´ve never seen it comingbecause i´ve never believedthat it´s possible to die so quick*chorous*i´m hopingthat i will see you in heavenwhen we are happyand together againmy very last wish isto see you in heaveni wanna burn all the mazes i growi wanna run and hide awayi wanna see your shinging eyes againbut these are only thingsi am dreaming ofevery nightbut for my futurei will stand in your light*chorous*i wanna burn all the mazes i growall of themi wanna forget all the unimportant thingsthat i knowi wanna see you in heaven*cohrous*see you in heaven