Never Wanna See You Again Letra


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Letra de Never Wanna See You Again
black roseslying at my feetwhite dovesturned into blackyou made a fool out of melike no-one else beforeyou killed my voicei used to speak withyou killed my sensei used to love with*bridge*but as you can seei have unlocked the doorand now,now i´m stronger that before*chorous*i hate youi never wanna see you againi´ve loved youyou have broken my hearti hate youi never wanna see you againi´m over youand you´ll never get under methe last day we metwas a raining dayno sun and no light skythe wholeyou beat in my mindhas gonemy voice has come backmy sense has reunited with my souli never wanna see you againi never wanna see you again*bridge**chorous*never wanna see you againgo away