Letra de The Run
(T. Kiely)

Close my eyes and start to see
Everything is suddenly clearer to me,
Then a light and a sound break away
and I can see all the things that were in my way.

There's a man in the moon having fun in the sun
And all the world around slowly molds into one.
So dark but for a shade of light.

Now it's over, I'm no longer scared
No longer naked, but my body's still bare
Then my face is filled by a sigh
As I remember why I had to close my eyes.

I can't do this anymore...

So why am I alone again?
I feel fine and then I start over again
Time is such a lonely thing when it's mine
It always seems to end

Someone likes to break to pieces
All the things that were mine and she says:
"Things are not like they seem in movies"
All the things that were mine just make it

I've seen it all the time
Seems like the stars crumble down to you

I'm standing alone in a darkened home
Not sure where I am or where I'm coming from
I'm not giving up on you

But wait! Lights are shining down
She outwits me again; Im stapled to the ground
To ensure my safety she locks me in
Dont want to live in the places that she has been.

Locks and chains dont wear me out
They could never understand what my journeys about
"Its time I go. I must go," I said to her

So I will run away again
And Ill find a world to start over again
Time will drift for hours and then it will die
And well be out of The When
So you write meBeg to fight me
Sign with love while you expedite me
Tell me all of your hidden secrets
We all pretend not to care

I've seen it all the time
Seems like the stars crumble down to you