Letra de The Family
You know we gotta do this for the family
Now, I don't lie when I tell you I do this for my family!

No no, that's my fam yeah, no no that's my fam yeah
No that's my fam yeah, I might just bring a hundred with me walking with the fam yeah, we ain't bout to have no issue I'm coming with plenty
20, 30, 40, 50, 60 all em with me cause

That's my Fam
That's my Fam
That's my Fam
That's my Fam
That be my Fam
That's my Fam yeah

Let them come in with me
I won't walk another step in the building
Until y'all let my people come in with me
I'm for real, that's my Fam
That's my Fam, that's my Fam, yeah
That's my Fam yeah

Breaking it down for supporters I remember reporting Spotify went up every quarter because
I'd been releasing and feeding them
So many rhythms I'm making em want to move cuz I do what I does
Typically they contemplate about haters but know that Canon ain't coming to waste time, don't waste mine
When they talking bout the squares I can't find em, no!
Not up in my circle and we stay grinding
Kicking em off with the rhythm
I'm knocking and shaking their equilibrium better hold up
Hold on, you love the way that we breaking and moving and taking the 808 and rocking the party we on
(Dat boy NICE!)
I make it look easy, will somebody bring me some water for the rappers cuz they're looking thirsty
But I'm making this harder for them
Pick em apart, it's the art of knowing
No it ain't no guarding me you gotta be passionate come with it
For la familia, really bruh
Get the Canon for the people so I don't Trump for the media
It's an abomination Obama's done ran the nation and they still don't trust or believe in him
They thinking ain't no guarantee with him
I'm like that but they can't stop me
I'm for the people yelling, "Father we need you, we need the leaders"
Then I tell them look around watch me

This is for all of my day ones who been before there was Canon yeah
Back then, where Chi town, Greater Way and Lawndale was there from beginning
Yeah, (Give it to 'em)
Back when Phil Jackson the House in Chicago showed me how to live this
Yeah, back when they called me spook before I had to consider my image yeah

I got this for all who believed in me back when I was just a nobody shopping for instrumentals but they wouldn't give em so my homie got me Reason that's when I
Knew he got me now, now who gon stop me
Learning bout how to produce, then I got me a crew, Omega
McBride on the track to me spook, whew! You got the juice, You know what to do!

From mix tapes after mixtape, the great investment was a new beginning
Never thought they would see me winning
Just because my connections was independent so I never knew
That I could make a difference
Just an amateur rapper with good intentions
Got no Twitter mentions - just a youngin unashamed to make em question
What was really in them, what was really

Writing "Popping Off" and ripping "Good To Go", "Man In the Mirror" to "Bring Me Low"
From killing Canon down to writing "Ten Toes"
Gave em "Runaway" to writing "Loose Canon"
Writing "Yeen Bout that Life" on "Loose Canon"
"Let 'Em Have It," "Motivation," "Loose Canon"
"Loud Music," "Trippen," "Dreams," "Loose Canon," put me on to "Point of View" and still standing

So many more and they still embracing it from "Take It All Away" I'm "Grateful" they been waiting I just want to take a moment just to thank em
Y'all been down with me
Without a hesitation to my label family y'all been hella patient I promise I will not forsake it and I promise that I'll keep my faith in this

You can call them your fans but I call them my family, and cause all of your prayers I'm still right here standing
But I wouldn't be here without all my friends yeah
Cause I could've been dead so when I do this know I do for my family