Letra de Go Off
1989 man I popped out with a microphone and heart for tune that I heard on the
Cd's and the radio kicking up any tune making trunks get to burning up
Man I Starting writing lyrics at 11 with a dream I'm a find my purpose, huh?
Tryna Come up with a feeling and lyrical rhythm like, "they ain't never heard of 'em"
Christ popped out I got Introduced for the first time it got personal
For the first time in my lil comic book mind I was living and serving em
I was so passionate, with the word of God but a fool in my clique
You better be gracious given that word out, I'll be cool with that kid
Brotha, Canon had a mind like 9 millimeter going off given truth to the masses
But he burned off relationships having no grace or no love he was passionate
But I changed up, same brother that got trained up
Coming from the bottom like I came up, my liberty's given no chains bruh
I'm sitting inside of my room letting my pen jot, when the ink drops I'm begging the lyric
I inject, get em drugged like I'm making their skin pop, I've given up so many
Intimate pieces of I, you better forget not, the journey of who I'm
Becoming and hoping to travel, development can't stop, but Canon's becoming a
Problem, think he can not be solve and he's twitching and itching my ears
My arms and legs are turning up often our lyrical pollen, so what do we
Call em, let's take a note of his DNA, better be cautious
Canon's a canon that's coming with no regard for targets I sense he's on the way...
Now Come along with me no matter the weight or the cost, I follow Him, follow Him with me
Besides me winning there's nothing I worry to lose when knowing it's God within me
Be cautious, Loose Canon's got more rounds than AK coming Straight out of Compton waiting to come with that hit, I'm Doc Dre
My target ain't to be gaudy, the heart of the haughty gets humble I'm warning em, follow the
Lucifer dawn of the morning or following the King and the Shepherd the calling been talking and
Hoping they're guarding and walking in confidence feeling the Spirit, He's out with us
Knowing the power can conquer the battle between the real enemy and who would follow him Lord
Jesus, I can't question no no can I pen no I can't touch this
Sent His own died for sinners, had two sticks on Him, count this blessing
What He got nailed upon with two sticks, like the number 11 He's crossing
Over, like my music, His word is more than a testament
Yet in the essence, He died yes they beat Him down in aggression
So I stepped in the studio session with my Bible, with this weapon
With these lines with these segments, tell yo mamma yo aunt reverend
We gon' kick this up this second no this gift must come unpleasant he drank the cup