Focus Letra



Letra de Focus
I done forgot why I did this
Thinkin' too much about business
Try makin' a livin'
Money ain't never enough
I ain't even got time to spend it
Tryna have conviction
Try to play the game
But defeat up under me
So tired of tryna pivot
My homies told me I be trippin'
Is somebody out there who needs you Canon don't forget 'em
This industry make us so traumatized
Forgot your name was on the dotted line
Tryna justify why I can't grow
I'm in the way of me, bottom line
While I'm watchin' everyone who try to climb
I been worried I'ma run up outta time
Always thought you was cold on the mic, though
Well, I'ma bring heat like the summertime
Love'll never get you outta shape
Blow your mind open like a hand grenade
Promoters got me actin' paranoid
Are we gettin' paid? Are we gettin' played?
I forgot about the one who needed me
Busy focused on the industry leavin' me
Nah, I ain't sayin' I forgot about the message
I'm just sayin' I forgot they be leadin' me
These are the reckless abandon of followers
Instagram and Twitter followers
Now you can tie supporters to a number now
Who you failed now? You ain't mean all of us?
Losin' my energy tryna keep up with the Joneses
I don't even know where home is
Twitter fingers tryna get me triggered with 'em, mayne
I ain't here for beefin', bruh, I'm too old for it
Fame'll cost ya, but I can not chase it
So many words written on my face now
Yeah, I need a facelift, back to the basics
Can't be distracted by the streams or the record sales
Say they gone tomorrow, yeah, they gone tomorrow
Forgot to keep my main thang just to maintain
Houston, we may have a problem
Gotta get it

Oh my lordy
My life story
I'm not sorry
I'm not sorry
Your life livin'
In God's image
I gotta handle my
I gotta, I gotta carry us
I gotta, I gotta carry us
I gotta, I gotta carry us
I gotta, I gotta carry us
I gotta, I gotta carry us

Actions to move from my past, I am not sorry
I cannot fake who I am, not even partly
Decisions I made immaturely, I know they cost me
I move like Ferraris
I know that He got me, so you can not stop me
If you can not swallow His word, then this is not for you
You like to stay in line but I just deliver the borders
They took up buildin' a world, well I got a lotta
Followin' Jesus what matters
If I see them tryna cross over then I give 'em water

Ah yeah, ah yeah
Oh man, oh man
Yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah