Letra de Chronolith
Stoned, as stoned as the builders of this bud-bastion must have been
High, so high, high above is the summit circled calmly by green clouds
Smoke, the smoke is drawn forth from the buds of inner earth
Deep, deep beneath in the core burn their coals, primordial nugs

Be not afraid, such sticky plants
Thought extinct, these buds all warmly pulse with subtle life
Ascend the winding steps, ancient monument
Brought by old ones to our sphere in a long lost age
Master builders
Wizzards faded
Ascend the winding stairs, ancient monument
Built by old gods, here is a symbol of their mastery
Do not fear, forbidden plants
Seen as divine, these buds all swell to the tune of the chronolith

Climb, you can climb to the top, you're so high you may prefer to jump and die
Freak, freak the fuck out as the earth begins to shake
The earth slowly shakes

Smoke billows forth from the chronolith, calling forth the end of your universe
Dark clouds, pummeling darkness. its stench comes thick into the night air
Fear not these clouds they do not maim
But beware, these potent plants excite the brain