Letra de I Will Smoke You
Bleed from my pipe
Revenge on treacherous ganga
I will smoke

breaking my buds
sticky fingers my catharsis
I will toke

Into the lungs
bong injects smoke

The one that they got high
He will always stay fried

Plagued by the buds
I will smoke you
filled in my lungs

SMoke at my face
The grisly resins went un-scraped
Until now

Deep in the hole
You are out of weed
But stoned

Choke on your smoke
Your brain the smoke cuts off
Then your legs

The one that you got high
Will smoke you this way

Scarred by the buds
I will smoke you
Killed by my lungs
I must smoke you

Into the throat
The smoke injects
Warm cloud sprays out
The aroma entices

Pull out your lighter
And let you watch
Shove the bong to your mouth
And light the batch

I watch you get stoned

I am released
From years of pain
You weed averted
My becoming insane
I am stoned

I have smoked you