Letra de Blame It On Bud
Green oppression, our choices at their discretion
Control obsession, I think it's time we teach these politicians a lesson

No more excuses, we've had enough, we're out for blood
To save your lives you'll legalize
but still you...

Blame it on, blame it on, blame it on bud
Problems seen aren't from weed
Still they will blame it on bud

Crime is intertwined by the scoring of drugs, made to be thugs
They blame it on bud
Lies, a sign of our times, into their minds, decriminalize
or spill their blood

Dropouts, gangs, and teenage births
Depressed losers with no self-worth's
All the things that parents fear
All stem from drugs, TV and beer?
Well I ain't buying that, it gets me pissed
Nay-saying crooks- you're on our list
Until it's taxed, it is quite clear
Loss of profit is all they fear

Its time to gather in line leaving behind protesting signs
Getting our enemies high
Spreading of lies, arise, militarize, attack from all sides
Its coming to an end

Drop guillotines in crimson spurts
Stoners emerge on red alert
Dragged through the streets by toking bangers
Swing from the gallows by hemp-made hangers
Arm yourselves for coup d'etat
Marijuana militia martial law
We won't stop till all of them are dead