Letra de Lemme Land?
It is what it is but nothing's the same
Side ting tryna upgrade to the main
Toxic love, can you please stay away?
Only involved if the love both ways
Only involved if the love don't change
Looked to my bro and said "Please don't change"
How many man out your group gon' back this?
How many man out your group gon' stay?
She told me that she keeps on flirtin'
I told her she looks better in person (haha)
Stress on my head to attain high earnings
And the convos, let's keep it to business
Welcome to the Brum town district
A land full of drugs and pagans
If you get locked then your friends won't visit
Yo, I might go MIA for doing up real-life GTA
Yo, feds tryna put me in the pen but they can't get me in, no way, no way
Yo, tell a boy indicate try switch up quick, don't get in my lane
Yo, tell a girl she's the same (just another) just here for the fame
Yo, you know say I'm reppin' that Sterling, ayy
'Cause sometimes I feel like I'm balling, yeah
When I look at my earnings, uh, uh, uh, yeah
Bad b keeps twisting and turning, bad b gon' listen and learn it
And niggas are all the same and, no, won't change 'cause the girls are a burden
Tryna run man up in the worst way
The side ting tryna talk about Birkin, about Birkin
It ain't even your birthday
And now she really wan' play games
But, darling, I like playing them too
Bruck off your back in the bedsheet pattern, like I do things that a man can't do
Thinks it's a joke? Nah, I ain't joking (lemme land, lemme land)
Move you waist to my rasclart motion
Hold me down if you feel like Foden
Grip your neck, should I squeeze or choke it?
From the ends where the gang reload it
I might just ghost it and say that I'm loadin'
And she knows I'm a little bit toxic, tryna hold man like who are you holding?
Yo, the opps them DOA, bad b slapped it don't know her name
She bopped you with an iPhone 8, still tapped it like some Apple Pay
Peter Pan when I fly away, multiple girls that's my five-a-day
Dead tings can't even get that time of day
'Cause I even got that much hand on my day
With a bad b tryna isolate, so you know say I have to put some ice on the cake
They call me CK all day, all day, but I'm only really tryna see the opps them K
Man will mash work on the field like Foden, mask on my face and it not 'cause of COVID
Infiltrate the gateway with a Trojan, 'cause I know the opps love let hoes in
Yo, yo
I know the opps love let hoes in