Unnatural Penetration Letra


Demoniak Transition

Letra de Unnatural Penetration
Ancient secrets reveal to me
About the of invade your soul
Invade my soul and sick my mind
A cool kiss of death in her mouth

Brutal is the coming

For you the pain is pleasure
Hurt neck gory Evil take her
Human life Begin the caress with brutality

Aggressions and bites
Disponents souls and screams
Screams of pain in all my mind

Another victim Prepare to penetration
I open her legs Her clitoris expose

Begin to penetrate
My hand in her vagina

Brutal I getting and take her soul
I'm the living corpse, master of agony

I'm the living corpse, prepare to ejaculate
Screams Sensation of empty in her body
Your soul is mine, BRUTAL CLIMAX

Again I open her legs And penetrate my cook.