Letra de Spare
You get mad when I talk about that other dude That I was talking to, 'fore I ever talked 2 u
I told you time and time again to change your attitude
But now you blew it (but now you blew it ehh)
Its that time, to let you know the real
Tell you how i feel (tell you how I feel)
You took advantage of my love
Don't care how you feel (yeeah)
You said baby be open, now baby your chocking
And in reality you can't even handle the truth
I Never thought that you would bring up the past
No I don't even know what to do with you

[Chorus: x2]
In my eyes you're my guy
But I keep a lil some' something on the side
Ladies don't play yourself
Keep a spare, cuz you gotta play like you just dont care
Dont you think you're the only one baby
When you flip out, act all crazy
I call my man up and then he gets my hands up
Wine me, dine me, my next day shiney
Dont look wildly
Yeah you my guy, Yeah you my guy, Yeah you my guy
Instead of feeling sad, no tear from my eye, tear from my eye,Tear from my eye
Wait for a second my spare comes to my mind, to my rescue like the FBI
And he call me his sweet potato pie
Sit on the couch and i just pick up phone, I call on that spare
And he will be here just like a breath of fresh air

I be, talking spanish softly, sound so sweet
But really salty saying his pleases, i his lady he cheeses
Doesnt really matter when he's cheating
Goes for me, treating that a new man
But you gotta play it like you just dont care
Dont care, dont care dont care, dont care, dont care
Cuz you the one that's sharing
Got two mans that aint caring
And you one complaing
As long they be laned
What you gonna do
Dont really have to tell him that you talk spanish
I was just saying
Dont you wanna know why ever night vanish
Wanna come back at fiveish

[Chorus x2: Casha]
See its 12 o' clock and you just coming in
I've been sitting up, wondering where've you been
I dont even trip, I just keep it real
Cuz deep inside I know I gotta lil friend
I gave you wat you want, I gave you wat you need
Running on my love so HE WAS HERE WITH ME
Cuz I called on him (every single time)
And No triiping, he's my spareeeee

[Chorus: x3]
Cuz you gotta play like you just don't care (NOOOOO)