Letra de Mothers Dream
I'm flipping through these pagesMe memory seems jadedA lot's been lost since my mothers dreamBut these sudden flashing colorsClose my eyesOnly sevenFull of lifeFeel my heart it's aching overFeel my heart it's aching overAndI I remember being youngSeventeenYes you'd come to my houseWon't you tell me the things that I'd done to you this timeNever in my life did I feel so unshelteredIn my mind I could feel you're nothingGood for nothingAs you told meYes you told me how hard I triedOh these broken bonesYou carry me homeMy mothers dreamsShe called itMy mothers dreamsShe called itYes my ageHas turned in my directionCold and lonely resurrectionLies they told me why I'm lost within your soulBut I've worn all those patches in my dreamsAlways broken at the seamsWon't you help meWon't you help meOh no angel