Letra de Tribes
Tribal war social plague invades
Nature of the habitat confronts
Bombard in pain
Ridiculed for sarcastic gain
Bad vibe
All i see is drk it helps me visualize
The grotesque tactics of your
Cellophane solidifies
It soffocates
Regulates in dimensions
Embellished in the comfort state
Allow the nerves o cascade
Licked shut penetrate
When will it disintegrate
Surrounded by compassion to remove myself
From social weight
The tribe runs rampant
Crew's insane
Fluctuation of the mind, refrain
For every opposite reaction
The mind went numb anaesthesia
Left of focused nausea
Different - but at the same time same
A tribe of human beings with different names
We may live in different places
But there's no mistake we share the same
Bitter faces
You can't isolate the hate
Too busy fighting amongst ourselves
To make a difference anyway
We've got to get our act together
We've got to fight the enemy
Too busy wasting our time
With turf swuabbles and street crimes
We make things twice as hard
The unity has been scarred
Too many ignorant minds
Stuck in the system for life