Letra de Paradigm Shift
Ignite the flammable delirious
The fragrance of the thief
Application of abrasions on tender skin
Mental vomiting - spew
In the face of you
Architect of the demented specimen
The volatile synthetic grin
The third eye sense
Low life appearance camouflages
All my vast intelligence
Framework of thoughts malignant
Like polluted kingpin tyrants
Buried in surfactants
Hidden formulas of the toungue
My patience dormant
Unique in assured diversity
The races irritate
Vandalize the broken youth in me
Nothing in the world can compensate
Do I look dirty?
Is thy presence offending thee?
Hovering above my ego
Lashing at the policies
The prestigious
Womb of the ignorants
Nostrils in the air
Unaware of the vice versa
You close your eyes and condemn me
For my flaws
Ill advised you lick the open sores
Dillemmas swell
Leper king
Gut the pig with pride
Split the mind
Fragments reflect
The rivers stray
No compromise
Flavor of cunting persuades
Cut the leash
I'm not your fucking dog
The feverous speech
The flesh is weak, contained by laws
They reek of domestic life
Parading for the Matricides
Field of probes
Recycled path
Carbonated aftermath
First man
Self in hide
I speak you masturbate
Curdled breath finds
The downface shall be seen
Ingedient of the thieves
Product of the environment
And I'm never on my knees
I beg not.
I said I beg not
Ashes of a care worn past
The multitudes in flocks
Deep in the flow how long does it hold?
The negative shall dispose
Persued by agonies
Radiate the prophecies
Seed of irritants
Exposed to spectacular suffering
Invade the consequence
The heart burns
Social indigestion
Vendettas are in vigorous formation
Generating filters of perception
Diagnosed as the notorious seduction
The scent is hardening
Mothering is full
Neglect is stifling
Contents collapse
Strength in numbers, deep in pacts
Vented relentless
Taste of brilliance - optimist
Separate between dread
And longing emotion
Parallels of thought
Delicate defection
Mind depleting empathies