Letra de We Back

[Cam'ron {DJ Drama}:]
Ayo, Drama, whatup
{Cam, whatup}
It's Killa
{I'm here, baby}
O-10, baby
{Let's go Avatar on these niggas}
You thought it was over
{Biggest movie ever}
It's never over
New deals, new wheels
New bitches, new purses, new heels, bitch
I mean, y'all thought I wasn't gon' polly
I mean hoffa at me if you wanna get your shit right
I'm that nigga to get your shit correct
You know I stay with two bitches, ten birds, 20 pounds
9 cars, three cribs, 100 karats, no rabbits
And that's average
Let's start at home
Todd Mizzy, congrats on the new position, no homo
I mean, you the illest nigga in math since Rainman
Might gotta call you Dustin Hoffman
Nah, you might got more money than Dustin
I.E., let's meet at Cabreras
We'll talk over oyster and linguini, veal and fetuccini
Bring Mark with you
Let's get the numbers right for 0-10, have another 8-digit year
Good lookin' out for lettin' me do that deal in E-1 too
Heh, you know, Michael Koch, Alan Grumblack ain't stupid, fools
Dumb and ignorant, far from anything of it
Why wouldn't they wanna do business with a nigga like me
It's only two things in life, baby: Guns and butter
Guns and butter, I got both
Def Jam: Hoffa at y'all about February or March
Couple checks should be cut by then
It's been a pleasure
Todd Mizzy, Theo Cohen, Micheal Koch, Alan Grumblack
Steve Garvey, Andrew Burkman, mozoltov
Yo Dram, lemme run it down though, real quick
0-10 schedule
Cousin Bang: The Movie
[U.N.:] The Album, two of 'em, yeah, two
Checks cut, deals done
[Vado:] Slime Flu Mixtape
Also, his solo album
My solo album, KS2
Face: The Reality Show
What everybody been fuckin' waitin' for
Killa Season 2: The Movie
So behalf of V12, Trendsetter Cents, Willie The Kid
L.A.D., AraabMuzik, FreNYC Entertainment
Dipset West, DukeDaGod, The U.N.
Most hated, Killa Entertainment
Welcome, bitches
Gangsta Grillz: Boss Of All Bosses 2