Broken Glass Letra


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Letra de Broken Glass
phase one you went away. promised in love we'd stay. and that we wouldn't stray. three months ago with hope abound. phase two you made the call. soaked through in alcohol not what you wanted at all. all broken up and broken down. now that you're gone don't have much to say. were we all wrong to think that we could win the day. shaky then strong. even as we walk away our minds are changing. phase three we're on again. when you couldn't find a friend dance with it now and then. might be the one you'd like around. phase four you say goodbye. can't say we didn't try. left here to wonder why shattered on the floor like broken glass. now that you're gone. don't know why i stay. i should have known that our skies could turn. from sun to gray. don't feel too strong. even as we talk away. our hearts are rearranging