I Grew Up On Copperhead Road Letra


Moving Homes And Breaking Bones

Letra de I Grew Up On Copperhead Road
There's a young boy kicking tennis balls up against the wall
And a young girl climbing out her window to sneak away to shows
He spent most of his days trying to take herself away
And she swore to herself that she wouldn't stay
They bumped into each other in a small north-eastern city
He was the hero of the football team and she was oh-so pretty
She fast became everything that he held dear
And this is what he whispered in her ear;

"If you squeeze my hand three times
Then you know that I'll squeeze back
And if I squeeze your hand three times
Then you know that I'll squeeze back"

That young boy grew up to be his mother's son
He didn't want to live by all the things his father had done
I hope he knows he succeeded in being the better man
No son of his could ask for a better dad
I wish that I had met the mother of that girl
I know that she would be the proudest mother in the world
I'd hold her close, not letting go and kiss her on the cheek
And I'd thank her for all she's given me

I grew up on Copperhead Road, those early days really left their mark
Those nights where I learnt to fly and we were dancing in the dark
So take me to Claire Island where we spent all of those days
Even though times are a-changing, The songs remain the same