I'll Explain This All Tomorrow Letra


Live Fast, Go To Bed Early

Letra de I'll Explain This All Tomorrow
Let tonight be our night
Run away with me, I'll explain this all tomorrow
Just pack your bags and let's go
Let tonight be our night
When the doors are closed it's just me and you left alone
Let's go face the unknown

I need to hold your hand to get me through this
Because you don't notice, you're this town's princess
There's nothing left to keep me here but you now
You make this shit town seem so proud

Just close your eyes and see where this thing takes us
Stay on the next bus
Until we wake up
We'll sleep in places no-one knows
Or run away to Mexico
I don't really care where we go just stay close

Believe me when I say
That you are my saving grace
Shit town, shit job
You drown out the lot