Letra de Scourge
I've no idea – what's awaiting for me
What will happen when this all ends?
It came like a deadly deceiver
Dived into my rotten well

The truth is that everyone is bored
And devotes himself to cultivating
Habits to compensate
The apathy of consciousness

Legacy, dust and flies
Heritage for being a lie
Heritage for being a lie

After me comes the flood
Carry me through the mud
Draw lines of misery
Show me the empty things
The canvas of my soul
Inject my veins with rain
You came silently, plague
You showed me everything

Your laws, your thoughts
Your love, your beliefs
Have been corrupted
My hand
I'm death, and life
You'll dance with me
Nothing shall stop
Our trance this night

I'm the last
Breath you exhale
And the curse you inhaled
I'm the hole you tried to hide
Your name is mine, and always will

And never have I
In my whole life
Felt so close
And at the same time
So detached
From myself
And yet so present
In the world

Yet so worthless