Letra de Touching Heaven
I keep on lookin' down to the sea
And I realize there's a life for you and me
The higher we climb, the harder we fall
Searchin' for a new world, for you and for all

Coming out of the shadows, hunting all without fear
Fallin' down to the ground, whising they'd disappear
Livin' all life in danger, getting out of control
Afraid of the dark, losin' one's soul

Forever? However, things must come to and end

We're hidin' the sun, we're on the run
And touching heaven
We're losing our minds, the stars never shine
We're touching heaven

Just don't dream of tomorrow, wavin' flaps in the air
On top of the world or in depths of despair
Shinin' bright in all glory, silent screams in the night
Runnin' high and low, in this neverending figt