(Radio Commercial) Letra


Lord Of The Realm

Letra de (Radio Commercial)
And so it was said
to the metal giant
"Ye shall send the Antichrist
Back to hell
With thy blade of steel
For no man can stop you
Your name shall be...

He's made of steel
He won't run away
He'll face the danger
That's here today
He'll let you know
If you're in his way
Don't mess with


His mighty power
You're in his command
He's got you where he wants you
Right in his hand
If you think you're the smart one
You'll soon understand
Don't mess with


The time is right to stand up and fight
But stay out of the way of the axe
Now you know who's your king
The metal saviour, the gifts he'll bring
You'll bow before him, oh yes you will
Don't mess with


If you get in the way
He'll cut you down with the axe