Thrash All Night Letra



Letra de Thrash All Night
Yesterday's gig didn't go well
Two died, the rest went through hell
Braindead bangers broke their own bones
But still they trashed all night long
Their mania was so fucking strong
In the hospital beds you hear them moan

THRASH! All night
FEELS! All right
Club is fucked up
But they cannot stop

Thrashing and moshing is their whole life
They don't have kids or wives
Filthy outlaws out of control
If you see them coming to your place
You better try to hide your face
They will tear down your walls

A week later another gig again
Beggars arrive by subway and train
Drink two sixpacks, now it feels good
Drunken drivers jumping from stage
Banging their heads in senseless rage
They don't need no fucking food