Spell Of Suffering Letra



Letra de Spell Of Suffering
Rise, atomic wings of punishment
Detonate the blessings to debris and dust
Raise the nuclear sword of Damocles
Strike of eternal suffering

My time will come forth to crush all who oppose
Inhuman force of disgust, heart full of rage
Unregretful burst of anger
Unleashed upon the wings of warfare
Remorseless nuclear spell of hatred
Destroyed - extinct

Uphold - hate of ancient origin
Activate the spell of nuclear death
A spreading disease, lasting eternities
Merciless, slaughter by the deeds of hate

Cast the spell of suffering
On this bleeding earth

Ablaze, the cancerwinds of holocaust
Suffocate all righteousness and grace
Praise the weakness of humanity
Triumphant, in victory

Detonate to dominate... with hate