Reverberation Letra


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Letra de Reverberation
Sleep, I don't need you here
You bring with your fear
Of a ghost I can't escape

My dreams of you, babe
They're far too real to shake
It hurts too much to wake
And find that it all must be erased

Your reverberation,
Your reverberation

I hit the night, babe
Just trying to replace you
And though they're dressed in lace and vine
Still I know it's you beneath

Wait, oh no
It don't feel the same
A shelter of wing decays
And I'm left with just some empty space

And your reverberation,
Your reverberation
My heart in temptation
From just your reverberation

Beneath, babe
Every snow white veil
My wrists are bound and nailed to trees
That we both had planted there

Well, I got your promise lingerin' in my head
Licking the wounds from the words that you said
I let your body tell me your heart won't change
Still, I see your face
It's every goddamn train
In every hopeless thing
A blade that traces vein

It's your reverberation
Your reverberation
My heart in temptation
And just your reverberation