Hiding Place Letra


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Letra de Hiding Place
My face was long
when I heard a whisper in her song
and it pulled me by the wrists
like the words of a hypnotist
make the silence break
yeah, when they snap, you wake.

I heard it all before,
promise not to anymore
but I'm just listenin' to the breeze
I ain't beggin,' sayin' please
there ain't nothin' wrong
tryin' not to bare the bone
tryin' hard to hide alone
and she bursts into my room
carryin' a Bible and a broom
screamin' let me in

but I'm just hearin' her singin'
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Hearts in trouble but it won't break
'cause the whispers in the dark
oh, they'll never know your name
I aint sayin' I believe
and I'm not sayin' you're to blame
but you call this thing love
and I don't think they're the same

It's just a hiding place.
Oh, on the island, just breathe
it treats you kindly, but time
oh, no, it's never quite as sweet
til you're standing on the brink of the open door
can't bring you in
ever since a child I've been
chasin' an image in my head of ...
on my bed, under a cloud of sheets

Yeah, I could always hear her singin'
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

My hands are tied but they won't stay
'cause I'll chew all on the ropes like they were sugarcane
won't stand there with fallen hands and silently wait
til you swear your eyes had seen what you never heard 'em say
can't erase this ... before it drives you insane
and your knees and your whole soul start to tremble and shake
and think of who you were before you gave it away
and you spend all your money tryin' to feel the same.

Gimme some of that hiding place