Letra de Virginia
Looking out the window on this cold October night
My breath fogs the glass as I take a deep sigh
I'm lost in my thoughts
Staring at the stars
Confessing my insecurities to my brain
Thinking of my loss and what I have to gain
But I'm trapped and viewing the worst of all situations
Nothing is pulling me home
I used to have eyes to stare into but now I only have my own
Smelling my shirt
It smells like the past
But tonight I'm moving on
Don't bother calling
I won't be coming in

We're going down south
Down to Virginia
I think my heart is there
It's been gone for far too long

The radio is playing my favourite song

No longer secure
There goes Virginia
Cause I'm home
But this will never be
This will never be me
Cause I'm in Virginia
I'll send you a postcard.