Letra de Twenty Six Degrees
Meet me in town
I'd love to see you there
We'll spend so much time together
Things have changed so much since back in the day
Now that we have something more than strange pauses
And unbreakable silence

I can see
Winter is on the horizon
But I won't be getting cold
I have enough warmth from holding onto you

One day I'll
Show you how much I care
One day I'll
Tell you all I can share
I look at you with unjudging eyes
And see beauty within
Then I look at your face
This is something that is so special
Having you in my arms
Is what makes me live today
Holding you forever
Is what makes me happy everlong

Starlight gleaming down into your eyes
I can see your breath
It seduces me to take it in
Cause to me you're like oxygen
I'd die without you
Hapiness is calling me out
And I want you join me
So take my hand
It's not that cold
And lets walk over to the light
From there I can start my future
A future with you

Living cold days and cold nights is all I can do
Keeping you warm and just being with you.