Letra de Grow Up Cafe
This dinner with friends and memories
Laughing about how much we grew up
But if you think about it we really didn't
Things are still the same as they were five years ago
Maybe it's time we made a change
And thought about leaving the past behind
It sure would be nice to move on in life
Then we could have a little direction
That'd be nice but are we capable of letting go?
Hey maybe we can achieve one singular moment of happiness
I know I would like to feel something other than regret
It's time to stop wasting away our days
You only get so many
Well actually
I've changed my mind
As soon as I finish these potatoes
Can you do me a favour?
Take this knife and stab me
Cause I just realized
I can't grow up
So I just want to end it all
Man these are some good peas.