You Are The Reason Letra

Aura Dione


Letra de You Are The Reason
I am walking up the stairs
To a room with empty chairs
And i wonder who sits on top of you now
See the truth became your goal
To wonder what's left and untold
Know the meaning of what was always deep in me
And the corner of the night
Seems more dangerous then bright
Am i losing as i'm fighting from no one baby

You are the reason, i'm a bird 2x

The key is in the door
I am crying on your floor
The waste of love once upon a time,
The window leads me on
I'll be the angel of you dawn
I am flying but i'm flying from no one, baby

You are the reason, i'm a bird 4x

You are the reason 4x

I'm a bird..

(Thanks to mehmet sevim for these lyrics)