In Russian Dolls Universes Letra



Letra de In Russian Dolls Universes
[Music: Mathieu]

Igne natura renovatur integra
Endless rotation work its way round
Stars shifted, a New Start
Tabula rasa, total renewal
In pain ended the Age of the Concrete
Their pride by storms dissolved
In the early forge world remolded

Time will erase all the scars from the careless hand of man
Leave a few of them to restart, first redeem beauty disfigured
For all warnings went unheard we meant to absterge

[Solo: Pat]

Seasons have changed
Leaves have fallen, elements dispersed
The death of cells in the flesh of time
Universes keep on revolving

A tiny voice in the celestial choir
Brought dissonance and got forever silenced...
Therefore the great order prevails, undisturbed

[Solo: Mat]