Letra de EraseHer
I feel tired now
I wouldn't hold your breath 'til our next meeting
The way you depressed my chest
Whenever you crawled in from your secret evenings

There's always a paradox involved
Watch what you say to me
I'm not hungry for you to feed me a lie
There's always a way to mess things up
If you compose them without any real meaning

when the dusty summer air is right
I'll find the courage and realize
To erase you from my mind

You can't see the other side
But when it comes around
You'll see, it's nice

You'll erase her in due time

I should have woke up then
Instead of replaying scenes time and time again
But how can you once be, then never again
Without even fucking blinking?

I should have called the state
They'd take you away for much, much clearer reasons
Than those that were given to me
So you could take a cop handcuffed to the railing

At night when these troubled thoughts begin
You'll have to count then out of your mind
To erase her in due time
And because the wound there is so fresh
You'll pour and pour the iodine
Or else completely lose your mind

And all things end
I feel tired now