Letra de Invisible In Heaven
As I visit this place in the sky, there was a flame which burns eternal
And Angels fall wounded in my arms, is this thy peace you once prayed infernal

And there will be a soul
Which united the old Legions
Once a warrior of God
And now a soldier of mine - Angel of war - UZIEL

I saw thy spawn rising their weapons, as forced peace turned to endless hate
And jealous souls kills Angels of sadness, as my Legions reached the horizon of fate

Frozen and scared beneath the gates
Harmonical crimson fear
Oh, Lord, dance with me on the clouds
Enjoy this sleep to dream upon

Blinded Angels, soulless eyes
Killing act in paradise
Closed for spirits like a shell
This is Heaven and not Hell

And I am invisible in Heaven
To ruins, I lay your place to dust
I'll introduce you pleagues which are seven
Hatefull and frozen, I'll burn thy peace until dusk

And there will be a soul... [repeat]

And as the Angels fight eye for an eye
A second war starts in the sky

Your obscene world in my eyes, is a circle of loneliness
The new spectrum of paradise
Out of the dark we shall rule again
Thy endless sleep, my volition shall reign

Frozen and scared beneath the gates... [repeat]

Jealous Angels, blinded eyes
Satan shall burn this paradise
Forsaken Angels suffer well
In a holy war to die for Hell