In Memoriam - Heavenly Creatures Letra


Violent Soundtrack Martyrium

Letra de In Memoriam - Heavenly Creatures
Welcome now the new Enigma
In memoriam Heavenly Creatures

Nighteyes are looking up to thou, from my deepest ground
And try to seduce thy spawn, with a whispering and lovely sound
For so thy crosses fall, and all thy shrines we will pervert
As I walked through Heaven and saw thy Angels
raped and burned and impaled

In nomini Sathanas
Enoch Leviathan
Eschna dewa Lucifer
Elohim-We will come

Hail to the Demon-Legions of my empire
Now you are reborn, and blessed in holy sin
My arms gave you eternal peace
Gods' army you will fight for me this final war to win

In memoriam - Heavenly creatures
This is the essence of all evil
Black King you're called of the real creation
We burn Gods' spawn for Uriels new dark nation

Oh Eloi Nemesis
We are thy assassins - assassins

Army of the Lord - Master
Angels of God - Satan
Demigod, leading slave
We are gathered for Gods' holy grave

A diabolical summoning

In memoriam - Heavenly creatures
The awakening of hell's damnation
Is satisfied in ritual raptures
Then we are the race of thy new generation
We are the last souls of your dying sun
And then the dawn of your kingdom has begun
In memoriam - Heavenly creatures
Anno Domini - it never was

So welcome now thy worlds new spawn
Satanael our work is done - Armageddon is done