Sklavengott Letra



Letra de Sklavengott
Legions of the Lord
Burn the lamb of God
Bury me in a nameless grave
I'm the eternal one,
the world to save

Grand Master Baphomet

Redeemer, God of slaves
Incarnation of depravity
This bread I eat
This Oath I swear
As I enflame myself

Hebel Ben Schahar

Archrebel agains humility
We will serve at mass,
with acts of blaspemy
To do my pleasure,
among the legions of the living

Hco Est Enim Corpus Meum
crucified, weak, dethroned
Denial of light Keines
Denial of Christ

At the ending of the light
At the limits of the night
Eternal sparks in the storm
The unholy spirit is the norm

We darkest souls of blasphemy
are the nails in the rotten corpse
We profane the holy host
We blackest hearts of Astaroth