Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead Letra

Assemblage 23

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Letra de Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead
Love is supposed to set you free
Well look at what it's done to me
Don't want to talk I'm too depressed
So just give your act a little rest
She loves me she loves me not
Put it together and what have you got?
Miserable nights full of confusion
Guess I'll grow used to being disillusioned

If this is the best time in my life
Then I hate to see what's ahead
Everything is out of place
Sometimes I wish I was dead

All i wanted was your affection
But instead you put up your protection
What the hell is wrong with you?
Can't you see what you're putting me through?
Stop trying to act naive
You know exactly what I mean
You know that I'd die for you
And I probably will before we're through


Heaven knows I've tried my best
To relieve the weight crushing my chest
I know you'll never change your ways
I guess that's just the price I pay